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leslie's guiding traditions

This website is created as a sister-website to my main Guiding history website,, and is designed to fill a lack which many people have identified. On online forums, I have found ongoing demand for instructions on how to do a range of different traditional Guiding activities, and for information on a range of Guiding Traditions - what they were, how they were marked, and why.

In each case, where I can, I will provide reference to the source of information, to confirm it's authority. In other cases I can only advise on 'what I do'. In either case, I fully expect correspondence saying 'but we don't do it that way', for traditions will naturally vary from place to place, from era to era. But I'll take that risk. Because I do think there is value in making the information available to those who wish it.

My aim is to provide a dip-in resource - both for those who are looking for instructions on how to do a particular activity, and also for those with a general interest in finding out what was done, or why. What I am not providing is a unit programme to adopt. Guiding is a movement and always has been, we must keep moving onwards, and seek to serve the girl of today and of tomorrow, not the girl of yesterday. And whilst we can appreciate, and at times utilise, some traditional activities in our programmes where they remain relevant or useful - they should be occasional items, within a general focus on modern activities, and on skills relevant to nowadays. Our traditions should be regularly reviewed and refreshed, for a tradition is only of value if it is still relevant and still serves it's purpose.

I would be happy to receive suggestions of more topics to cover, or of different ways of doing things. Just contact me via the website.

As you will appreciate, a website of this sort does cost money in hosting fees, research, etc. These expenses currently come from my own pocket. If you cared to donate towards them, you can use the button below to do so.