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leslie's guiding traditions

In 2003 a new Brownie programme was launched to replace the previous version. It was out with the 'Footpath, Road and Highway Journeys' which had been part the Brownie programme since 1968, and instead, it was in with 'Brownie Adventure. Instead of one handbook, there were now two handbooks, in full colour, with glittery writing on the cover and full colour illustrations throughout.  

Instead of being structured round '8-points' or topics, there were now three broad themes - 'You', 'Community', and 'World'. Instead of a structured programme of doing eight challenges per year, the aim was to join in with a wide range of activities in the unit which might fall under the heading of either You, or Community, or World.  

Brownies worked on Brownie Adventure until they were roughly 8.5 years old - then they would receive the Brownie Adventure bade, and move to working on Brownie Adventure On. Brownies who didn't join until they were over 8 might well start straight onto Brownie Adventure On.

Adventure On was designed for the older Brownies - the 8.5 to 10 year olds. It contained more advanced activities (though it was upp to the unit whether they chose to split the unit into separate groups by age, or have the girls do activities all together. As with Adventure, there weren't any particular challenges to be done, simply joining in with unit activities covering the You, Community and World theme would result in earning the Adventure On badge.  

At the back of the Adventure On book was a special section, which contained "Go For It Guides". This was a pack of activities in the same style as a Go For It a Guide Patrol of the time would have worked on. And in the same way, if a Brownie completed four of the activities from the selection, she would earn the special Go For It card.

Later the programme was altered, so that instead of two challenges lasting 18 months each, there were now three challenges, lasting an hour each - Adventure, Adventure On, and More Adventures. And instead of just being required to generally join in with what the unit were doing, there were now particular challenges to be completed for each badge. The were:

The programme was retired between July 2018 and July 2019, when the current programme was introduced.