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leslie's guiding traditions

From Guiding's early years, it became clear that specialist Advisers would be needed, and over time they were appointed to cover an increasing number of subjects.

1924 POR - Camp Adviser role first appears.

"A County Camp Adviser may be appointed and tested by the Head of Camping on the recommendation of the County Commissioner for furtherance of good camping in her County.

The County Camp Adviser may in her turn appoint and test Camp Advisers to help her, on the recommendation of the Commissioner. These appointments are annual.


The duties of a Camp Adviser are arranged by the County Camp Adviser on the following lines:

a) To be the Official Inspector of camps in her area.

b) To run at least one training camp annually for the purpose of instructing Guiders for the Camper's Licence and to ensure a high standard in the test.

c) To be in an advisory position generally, for the help of the Guides in her area.

d) To keep a list of camp sites in her area, suitable and available for the use of Companies.


She may recommend:

1) The withdrawal of the Camper's Licence.

2) Closing down of bad camps.

The final decision should be left to the Guider's own Commissioner.


The travelling and postal expenses of Camp Advisers should be defrayed locally in each County.

By 1930 POR there was a Camp Adviser's Test:

1) Must hold the Camper's Licence and have run a Guide camp.

2) Must know how to prepare and strike a camp.

3) Have an understanding of the romance of camping and living in the open.

4) A knowledge of woodcraft and how to inspire Guides with a love of Nature.

5) Complete knowledge of tents.

6) Must understand drainage, sanitation and hygiene of a camp.

7) Must pass a test in catering and be able to cook on, and construct, the best types of camp kitchens and ovens.

8) Be able to invent and construct camp furniture.

9) Know the best methods of storing food, meat, butter, milk and water, dry goods, etc.

10) Pass a test in the application of simple remedies for various accidents and ailments likely to occur in camp.

11) Must understand the dangers of river, sea and lake bathing, and means necessary for life-saving in each case.

12) Shold have passed the Health, Ambulance and Sick Nurse tests.

13) Construct an efficient wash-house and sanitary arrangements.

14) Must be familiar with all camping forms and understand procedure as regards own county and visiting county in ordinary and special circumstances.

1947 POR - County Ranger Advisers, County Sea Ranger Coxswains and Air Ranger Representatives

"To further the interests of the Ranger Branch in each county, County Commissioners may appoint a warranted and experienced Ranger and/or Sea Ranger Captain in the above capacities; in the case of a County Sea Ranger Coxswain the Boating Permit is required. The appointment is annual, and should be made in consultation with the Commissioner for the country.

In counties where there is both a County Ranger Adviser and a Sea Ranger Coxswain, the two will work in close cooperation. If only one appointment is made, the Guider appointed will be responsible for all Rangers in her County.

In neither case is the position more than advisory, and no training should be given by County Ranger Advisers or County Sea Ranger Coxswains unless authorised and qualified to do so.

Ranger Advisers

The following are some of the suggested duties with which the County Commissioner may invest the appointment:

a) To act in an advisory capacity to Commissioners in her county on matters affecting the Ranger Branch.

b) At the invitation of the Commissioners, to assist with the carrying out of Ranger plans in district, division and county.

c) To represent her county, when required, at Ranger Conferences and to report to her County Commissioner any matters of importance to the Ranger Branch.

County Ranger Advisers and County Sea Ranger Coxswains should:

a) Keep in touch, through the County Commissioner, with the Commissioner for Rangers for the country.

b) Have access to the county files concerning Ranger particulars in the county.

County Sea Ranger Coxswains

a) The duties of a County Sea Ranger Coxswain are on parallel lines with those stated above, but she must be able to advise Commissioners on all matters relating to Sea Ranger crews and the training of Sea Rangers.

b) She should advise Sea Ranger Guiders how to obtain their Charge Certificates and Annual Boat Certificates, and encourage them to take these, and help with all boating facilities.

Air Ranger Representatives

Where found advisable, Area or County Air Ranger Representatives may be appointed, their qualifications and suggested duties being comparable with those stated above for County Sea Ranger Coxswains.

Such a representative should be able to advise on all matters relating to Air Ranger Flights and the training of Air Rangers. She should also be able to obtain technical help on airmanship, aeromodelling, gliding and flying, being herself in touch with local aerodromes or clubs.