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leslie's guiding traditions

Boggarts were found in the original version of the Brownie Story, before it was edited by Robert Baden-Powell. They were portrayed as the opposite of Brownies, creatures whose aim was to create trouble and mess, not to prevent or resolve it.  

As the 1918 Handbook said "There are often small people in a house who are only troublesome, and these are called Boggarts. They are little demons. When people want to be quiet, for writing or reading, or when they are feeling ill or tired, Boggarts begin to yell and scream and rush about the place. When the house is clean and tidy they come and upset everything, making messes with their dirty boots, breaking furniture and crockery, and leaving everything untidy for other people to clear up. They are lazy themselves, and don't do a thing to help their parents. Boggarts are horrid creatures, very different from Brownies."

From then on, Guiding publications made regular reference to 'boggarts' - Brownies were warned to avoid 'boggarty' behaviour, and they were warned to leave no gaps in their Pow Wow ring lest boggarts should gain access to it. With the reduction of fairy folklore in the Brownie programme from 1968 onwards, they tended to be mentioned less often, and the term gradually became forgotten about in many units.