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leslie's guiding traditions

In the Brownie story, the key moment happens at a pool in the woods. Betty is sent down to the pool by the Wise Brown Owl. The Owl tells Betty to turn round three times, reciting the rhyme "Twist me and turn me, and show me the Elf, I looked in the water and there saw . . .". She was then to look in the water, and whatever she saw would complete the rhyme, and tell her how she could find a Brownie to help her father and grandmother at home.  

But when she looked in the water - all she saw was her own reflection. Yes, the answer to the rhyme was - 'myself'.  

Because of this, particularly during Promise ceremonies, many units choose to have a homemade model pool at the centre of their Brownie ring. In some cases, they also reenact the scene in the Brownie story, and let the Brownie see herself in the pool, before making her Promise.