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leslie's guiding traditions

Prior to 1968, the Brownie Song was "We're the Brownies, here's our aim, Lend a hand and play the game." The same tune was also used for the Six songs - so during the opening ceremony, all of the pack skipped into a circle formation singing the song above, and then each Six in turn would skip round the centerpiece of the circle, singing their own Six's song. The words they used were:

Bwbachod - We're the Bwbachod from Wales, Filling farmer's milking pails.

Elf - This is what we do as Elves, Think of others, not ourselves.

Fairy - We're the Fairies glad and gay, Helping others every day.

Ghillie Dhu - Ghillie Dhu it is our name, We guard the bairns and lead them hame.

Gnome - Here you see the laughing Gnomes, Helping mother in our homes.

Imp - We're the ever-helpful Imps, Quick and quiet as any shrimps.

Kelpie - We're the little Scottish Kelpies, Smart and quick and ready helpers.

Leprechaun - We're the Irish Leprechaun, Guiding strangers when forlorn.

Little People - We, though known as 'Little People', Aim as high as any steeple.

Pixie - Look out! We're the jolly Pixies, Helping people when in fixes.

Sprite - Here we come, the sprightly Sprites, Brave and helpful like the knights.

Tylwyth Teg - We're form Wales, the Tylwyth Teg, Dance and work and never beg.

From "The Brownie Book" (Brownie Handbook) 1966 edition.

After 1968, a new Brownie song was introduced, which reflected the new Promise. It was still used at opening ceremonies, for the Brownies to skip into their Brownie ring.

And although the Promise has since been changed, as no new song has been introduced, and units are free to choose what form their opening ceremonies take, many units choose to continue using that Brownie song in their opening ceremonies, either with the original words, or with adapted lyrics.