leslie's guiding traditions

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Prior to 1968, Brownies worked on Golden Bar and Golden Hand awards - and from the 1950s an intermediate stage, Golden Ladder was introduced.

But there was a special badge that could be earned.  And if it was, it was the one Brownie badge which could be worn on Guide uniform.  That badge was called Brownie Wings.  And to earn it, a Brownie had to earn her Golden Hand badge before moving to Guides.  There were a number of challenges to prepare for the badge, but it was all tested on one day, and the testing was done by a neutral Guider, to ensure fairness.  

Brownies who earned Brownie Wings often had a special ceremony for moving up to Guides, as they collected their Brownie Wings, and then "flew up" to Guides.  Brownies who did not complete Golden Hand "walked up" to Guides.