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leslie's guiding traditions

In the UK, until 1987, the youngest age group was Brownies, and no under-7's were allowed to join Guiding. Various reasons were given, including insurance reasons and capacity to understand the Promise. Meantime, over in Northern Ireland, a section for younger girls had already existed for many years - Bunnies. They were founded in the 1960s, and in 1979 expanded rapidly after being adopted by the Trefoil Guild in Ulster as part of their contribution to the International Year of The Child.

By 1980 a programme was established, with Bunnies having a bunny badge with a rabbit on it, and working for 'Bunny Bobs' - different coloured round badges with a grey dot in the centre. These were sewn on the edges of their grey neckers.

The 'Bobs' were:

Green Bob - nature

Blue Bob - scripture

Yellow Bob - bright bunny

Pink Bob - busy bunny

Orange Bob - road safety

Red Bob - activity

Purple Bob - craft.

They were only officially recognised by the UK association in 1985.