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leslie's guiding traditions

The Guide Patrol Camp Permit was introduced in 1941. With the coming of World War 2, many Guiders were called up for war service, meaning that the running of Guide Companies in a number of parts of the Country was left in the hands of the Patrol Leaders. The weekly meetings could be managed quite well, but the highlight of the Guiding year and focus of the training was the Guide Camp, and with so few Camp Licence holders available, many Guides seemed likely to miss out.

So headquarters took the brave decision, and decided on a scheme to allow Patrol Leaders to take their girls to camp, with no adults present.


A Patrol Leader must:

a) Be at least 13 years of age and under 17, and have camped in a Guide camp for not less than two weeks, or the equivalent.

b) Be recommended to the District Commissioner or Camp Adviser by the Court of Honour and a licensed Guider with whom she has camped recently.

c) Hold the Pioneer badge, and in addition:

i) Prove her ability to keep bedding and clothing aired and free from damp.

ii) Show a high standard of efficiency in the first aid section of the Second Class test; bring to the test a small first aid case, fitted by herself and suitable for a patrol camp; be able to give reasons for her choice of its contents.

iii) Show a practical knowledge of storing food; fire precautions; clearing up a camp site; choice and care of equipment.

iv) Have a knowledge of the boating and bathing rules and understand their importance."

The Camp Permit continues to be a part of today's Guide programme, open to Guides aged 12 and over.