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leslie's guiding traditions

In order to encourage Guides who had an interest in a particular area of Guiding to stretch their skills, Collective Emblems were introduced. These were awarded to Guides who completed a certain selection of proficiency badges in a particular subject area.

The first collective emblem to be introduced was the Little House emblem. It was named after Y Bythn Bach, the play cottage which the people of Wales had given to the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, so they could learn household skills in it. Princess Elizabeth gave permission for the badge to be created, and for it to show a picture of the Welsh cottage.  

Initially, to qualify, the badges were Cook, Child Nurse, Needlewoman, Laundress, Homemaker and Hostess - all had to be gained to earn the Little House emblem.

The second one to be introduced was the Woodcraft emblem. Established by 1947, the qualifying badges for it were: 



And two other badges chosen by herself from the following:






By 1968, the range of emblems was expanded - and a new design style brought out for them. This one was the Service Emblem.

"Awarded if you gain:

Child Nurse

Emergency Helper

First Aid or Home Nurse

Accident Prevention or Fire-Fighter or Life-Saver or Rescuer

One of the following:

Bellringer, Braille, Entertainer, Friend to the Deaf, Homemaker, Interpreter, Pathfinder."

The Arts and Crafts Emblem was also introduced:

"Awarded if you gain five badges of your own choice from:

Artist, Basket-Maker, Bellringer, Carpenter, Cobbler, Country-Dancer, Craft, Dancer, Entertainer, Flower-Arranger, Knitter, Lace-Maker, Minstrel, Needlewoman, Singer, Speaker, Spinner, Stitchery, Toymaker, Welsh Folk, Writer."

The Fitness Emblem was also around by 1968, the details were:

"Awarded if you gain Health and four badges of your own choice from:

Agility, Angler, Athlete, Boatswain, Country-Dancer, Cyclist, Dancer, Gymnast, Horsewoman, Rambler, Skater, Swimmer."

Also introduced in 1968 was the World Friendship Emblem.

"Awarded if you gain:


Guide Friendship

Commonwealth Knowledge

And one badge of your choice from:


Local History



By 1991 a further Collective Emblem had been introduced - the Science and Technology Emblem.

"Awarded in you gain:

Science Investigator and four badges of your own choice; from more than one group:

Group 1

Aircraft, Bird Watcher, Observer, Seasons, Stalker, Star Gazer, Weatherman.

Group 2

Computer, Photographer (any stage), Radio Communication

Group 3

Aquarist, Farmer, Forester, Gardener.

If you hold two Farmer badges you may count both of them towards the Science and Technology Emblem."

During the 1990s the designs changed twice - the first to reflect the change in Guiding's title from being the Girl Guides Association to being The Guide Association, and later as a part of the modernisation of all the badges to full-colour designs. the badges were dropped in the early 2000s when the programme changed.