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leslie's guiding traditions

Up until 1968, there were two ceremonies used for girls who were moving from Brownies to Guides. Which ceremony you had depended on whether you had passed your Brownie Golden Hand badge or not.

The Brownie Golden Hand badge could be prepared for and practiced for, and the craft items prepared ahead of time. But the testing was all done on one day, and the tester was an independent person. Resits were possible, but again all clauses would be tested on the day.  

For those who passed the test before moving up to Guides, the would receive a Brownie Wings badge, and they would get to 'fly up' to Guides - a ceremony which might involve jumping over the Brownie Toadstool.

Those Brownies who did not pass Golden Hand did not fly up, nor did they receive the Brownie Wings badge. Instead, they walked up to Guides. This ceremony might involve walking a path of stepping stones.

After 1968, with the coming of the new programme, all Brownies received a badge to wear on their Guide uniform, to show they had been a Brownie, regardless of what Brownie badges they had earned.