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leslie's guiding traditions

In 1968, with the introduction of a new programme, came a new set of challenge badges. Gone were the rigid tests of Golden Bar, Ladder and Hand, and in came scope for choice, with options for each challenge. The new programme was based around 8 topics, or points, which applied across Brownies, Guides and Rangers, albeit each section had slightly different names for them. Later, GO was introduced, offering extension activities to Brownies who had finished Highway, but were underage for moving up to Guides.

1977 Brownie Handbook - Footpath Badge

Brownies are Wide Awake:

Become more Wide Awake in games using your eyes, ears, nose, fingers or brains well.

Brownies Keep Fit:

Learn how to look after one part of yourself such as your teeth, hair, nails or skin. Keep a chart to show how you have done this for a week.

Brownies Do Their Best:

For a week: practice Doing Your Best in one way which you have thougth out especially for yourself, such as smiling every time you want to grumble, or being unfussy at every meal, or thanking God for something different every day, or in some other way challenge yourself to do your best.

Brownies Make Things:

Make something involving painting or modelling, working by yourself or with others.

Brownies Are Friendly:

Help your Six to make or do something well, or take part in a Six game.

Brownies Lend A Hand:

Do a different Good Turn every day for a week.

Brownies Help At Home:

Do a cleaning or tidying job such as cleaning brass, polishing furniture, clearing and stacking dishes, washing-up. Fill in a chart in your Record Book to show that you have done this over a period of time.

Brownies Have Fun Out-Of-Doors:

Make a collection of nature objects such as leaves, shells, cones or twigs, or make a weather chart. Arrange the specimens attractively and name them.

1977 Brownie Handbook - Road Badge

Brownies Are Wide Awake

Ring up from a public call-box, or carry a message perfectly, or shop reliably and politely, or pass an eye-and-memory test.

Brownies Keep Fit

Learn to do something new or to do it much better than before with a ball, or a rope, top, hoop, bean bag, etc., or do some form of balancing.

Brownies Do Their Best

Choose for yourself one way in which you know you can do better. Here are two ideas.

1) Try to be quick-to-obey. For a week you try to do what your parents well you just as quickly as a sailor or a nurse would obey orders.

2) Think of others in a special way by praying for different people every day for a week. (Those at home, at school, in hospital, etc).

Brownies Make Things

Make something for this shop by sewing, doing raffia work, knitting, weaving, etc.

Brownies Are Friendly

Learn a game, or hear or read a story, from another country in which there are Brownies.

Brownies Lend A Hand

Lend A Hand in the Pack by helping someone younger than yourself with some Brownie activity, or by making, washing or mending some Pack equipment, or by doing a special job for your Guider.

Brownies Help At Home

Wash, or iron, or mend clothes, or pack some in a suitcase or parcel.

Brownies Have Fun Out-Of-Doors

Care for any living thing over a period of time. You may grow a plant from seed or bulb, take care of a garden, look after a pet, or tadpoles, silkworms, etc.

1977 Brownie Handbook - Highway Badge

Brownies Are Wide Awake

Know and understand the first and last verses of the National Anthem; or know how the Union Flag is made up; or know the story of your town's coat-of-arms; or be able to describe an interesting place near your home.

Brownies Keep Fit

Make up for yourself a new Challenge connected with ball, rope or balancing, etc.; or swim 18 metres (20 yards); or skate forwards and backwards in good style.

Brownies Do Their Best

Help in your place of worship in some special way; or make up, write, and illustrate a prayer for use in the Pack; or help to make a Pack Prayer Book; or make a 'Thank You God' chart.

Brownies Make Things

Take part in an entertainment by singing, acting, dancing, reciting, playing an instrument or working a puppet, either alone or with others; or make up a story, poem, or playlet, and use it to give pleasure to someone.

Brownies Are Friendly

Know the names of Brownies from five other countries and describe their uniforms and badges and be able to tell them about the Guides.

Brownies Lend A Hand

Know four ways of helping to keep your own home safe; or be able to deal with clothes on fire; or show that you can look after a small child on a busy road; or know how to prevent simple cuts, grazes and nose bleeds from becoming words.

Brownies Help At Home

Make and serve a good cup of tea; or make a salad or trifle; or fry a piece of bread with egg, sausage or bacon; or make scones or cakes.

Brownies Have Fun Out-Of-Doors

Set a compass and know 8 points; or make a simple map showing the nearest police station, chemist's shop, hospital, telephone, post office, garage, and filling station, to your home or Pack meeting-place; or signal messages to someone who is out of hearing; or know how to use a bus time-table.

1987 Brownie Handbook - Footpath Badge

Brownies Are Wide Awake

a) Go for an 'I spy' walk looking for different kinds of birds, flowers, chimney pots, TV aerials, signs of the seasons or anything else of interest.

b) Find out what the names of the different Brownie badges shown are by asking Brownies who wear them.

c) Spot the dangers and possible good turns in the picture.

d) Take part in a game using your senses - touching, listening, looking or smelling.

Or complete your Wide Awake Challenge in some other way.

Brownies Keep Healthy

a) Throw a bean bag to land four times out of six in a box, positioned as far away from you as possible.

b) Learn to skip backwards.

c) See how many times you can bounce a ball without a break. Challenge yourself to improve.

d) Jump the Blob.

Or challenge yourself with any other way of keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Make a special effort to look after either your nails or your teeth or your hair this week.

Brownies Do Their Best

For a week do your best in two of the following:

a) Smile every time you want to grumble or are hurt.

b) Eat your food without complaining.

c) Thank God for something every day.

d) Go to bed when you are told.

e) Do a job you don't like.

f) Be kind to someone who is sick.

Or do your best in some other way you don't find easy.

Brownies Make Things

At a Brownie meeting make one of the following:

a) A greetings card

b) A decoration, e.g. for Christmas or New Year.

c) A toy.

d) A model.

e) Help your Six make up a poem or mime.

Or make anything else you choose.

Brownies Are Friendly

Do one of the following:

a) Play a Brownie game or sing a Brownie song from another country.

b) Hear, tell or read a story from another country in which there are Brownies.

c) Find out what is special about February 22nd.

Or work out another Challenge with your Guider.

Brownies Lend A Hand

Do a different Good Turn each day for a week.

Also do one of the following:

a) Take part in a Good Turn Venture with your Pack.

b) Do a special job for your Guider.

c) Make, wash or mend some Pack equipment.

Or make up your own Lend A Hand Challenge.

Brownies Help At Home

Choose and do two of the following:

a) Help with washing up or laying a table.

b) Clean shoes or muddy boots.

c) Clean out a bath or shower.

d) Make sandwiches.

Or do some other helpful job.

Brownies Have Fun Out-Of-Doors.

Do one of the following:

a) Using natural materials make a gift.

b) Name five birds, or five flowers, or five trees which you have seen and find out something about them.

c) Make a weather chart.

Or Enjoy yourself out-of-doors in some other way.

1987 Brownie Handbook - Road

Brownies Are Wide Awake

Do at least one of the following:

a) Use a private telephone or a public call box and pass on a message correctly. Know how to contact the Emergency Services.

b) Remember a shopping list of at least four items. Ask for each item politely.

c) Pass an eye and memory test, e.g. Kim's Game.

Or Challenge yourself to notice and remember in some other way.

Brownies Keep Healthy

Make a chart or collage showing the kinds of food needed to keep your body fit and healthy.

Do one of the following:

a) Hit a target with a ball or a bean bag from as far away as possible.

b) Do some form of balancing, or show you can bowl a ball between two skittles.

c) Improve on a Challenge you have done already using a ball, a rope or a bean bag.

Or think up an exercise challenge to do yourself.

Brownies Do Their Best

For a week try to do your best by doing two of the following:

a) Make and keep a Mind Your Tongue Challenge.

b) Do what you are told quickly, i.e. the first time.

c) Think of others in a special way by praying for different people.

d) Be kind to someone in the Pack who is not your best friend.

e) Do a job you don't like doing.

Or Do your best in some other way.

Brownies Make Things

Do one or more of the following:

a) Listen to a favourite piece of music and talk to your Guider about it.

b) Try a new craft, e.g. knitting, sewing, crocheting.

c) Make a small flower arrangement for a table from fresh, dried or artificial flowers.

d) Make a picture using a variety of material, e.g. natural materials such as leaves or flowers, cloth, felt or wool.

Or make something else of your own choice.

Brownies Are Friendly

Do one of the following:

a) Take part in a Venture in which you meet other people who are not in your Pack.

b) With your Guider's help find out about other people's work in the community, e.g. a clergyman, a policeman, a nurse, a school cleaner, a dustman.

c) Choose one country where there are Brownies, find out all you can about it and point to this country on a map.

Or Show friendliness to others in some other way.

Brownies Lend A Hand

Remember to do a Good Turn every day and do one of the following:

a) Do a Good Turn for someone where you live or where the Pack meets.

b) Find as many ways as you can of keeping your home safe.

c) Know the rules of the road and show you know how to keep them (The Green Cross Code).

Or Lend A Hand by acting sensibly and helpfully in some other way.

Brownies Help At Home

Do two or more of the following:

a) Help care for your clothes and be able to pack a suitcase.

b) Make your bed and keep your room tidy for at least a week.

c) Keep a piece of furniture clean for four weeks.

d) Make tea or coffee and serve it nicely.

e) Make a salad or snack.

Or help at home in some other way.

Brownies Have Fun Out-Of-Doors

Choose and do one of the following:

a) Follow a trail which has been laid in wool, string or some other material.

b) Grow a plant from a seed or a bulb.

c) Care for a pet and over a period of time keep a record of what you do for it.

d) Make at least two types of rubbings (e.g. leaf rubbings, bark rubbings, floor or wall tile rubbings) and use them in an interesting way.

Or Think up an out-of-doors challenge of your own.

1987 Brownie Handbook - Highway

Brownies Are Wide Awake

Do at least one of the following:

a) Learn the first and last verses of the National Anthem.

b) Learn how the Union Flag is made up. Know the country emblems and the stories o the Saints.

c) Learn the Country Code and the reason for each part.

d) Find out about the story of your town's coat-of-arms.

e) Describe an interesting place near your home.

Or learn something else of interest or importance about where you live.

Brownies Keep Healthy

Make a poster warning against the harm caused by smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or becoming addicted to drugs or solvents.

Do one of the following:

a) Walk a figure of eight balancing a ball on a book. Try using the hand you don't write with.

b) Make up a sequence of three or four different skipping steps.

c) With a bat, hit a ball that has been bowled to you, four times out of five.

d) Show that you have made progress in a sport which interests you, e.g. swimming, skating or riding.

Or Challenge yourself in some other form of exercise.

And, ever day for a week, Wash your face morning and night, clean teeth after meals, brush hair at least twice a day, have at least 8 hours sleep, eat some fresh fruit or salad.

Brownies Do Their Best

For more than one week, do the following:

a) Help in your place of worship in some special way, e.g. cleaning.

b) Make up, write down and illustrate prayers for the Pack or Pack Prayer Book.

c) Make up and illustrate a Thank You God Chart.

d) With the Pack, take part in a Good Turn Venture.

Or Think about the first part of your Promise and Do Your Best in some other way.

Brownies Make Things

Do one or more of the following:

a) Take part in an entertainment by singing, acting, miming, dancing, reciting, playing an instrument or working a puppet, either alone or with others.

b) With your family, school or Brownie Pack, take part in a theatre visit. Write or talk about it at a Pack Meeting.

c) Make up a story, poem or short play and use it to give pleasure to someone.

d) Make an article for a gift.

e) Try a craft new to you, e.g. weaving, embroidery or papier-mache.

Or Challenge yourself to be creative in some other way.

Brownies Are Friendly

Do one of the following:

a) Find out about the World Badge and, on a map point out ten countries where there are Brownies.

b) Make a scrap book about another country where there are Brownies.

c) Find out how Guiding began and make a display about it to show to your Six.

Or Challenge yourself in some other way to learn more about Brownies abroad.

Brownies Lend A Hand

Do a Good Turn every day, and do one of the following:

a) Learn how to prevent simple cuts, grazes, and nose bleeds from becoming worse.

b) Learn how to deal with clothes on fire and how to treat simple burns.

c) When out in the area where you live, make a list of the hazards you can find.

Or Lend a Hand to prevent accidents or give first aid in some other way.

Brownies Help At Home

Do two or more of the following:

a) Make scones or cakes or make something useful from a recipe.

b) Defrost or clearn out the refrigerator.

c) Help an adult to clean a car.

d) Learn to repair clothes and sew on a button or badge.

e) Learn to iron a simple garment safely and learn the meanings of the symbols on clothes labels.

Or Help at Home in some other way.

Brownies Have Fun Out-Of-Doors

Choose and do one of the following:

a) Set a compass and know eight of its points.

b) Make a simple map showing the area surrounding your Pack Meeting place or your home. Give directions that would be useful to a stranger, e.g. to the nearest shop, the nearest telephone or to the hospital.

c) Send a secret message to someone who is out of hearing range, using signals or codes.

d) Read a bus or train timetable and know the 24-hour clock.

e) With your parents' permission, take care of a garden, window box or tub.

Or Do something else that will help you to Have Fun Out-Of-Doors.

1999 Go Challenge Book - GO! Challenge

Do any of the following:

On Your Own

* High flyer? Build a light, bright and breezy kite.

* Bake it! Craft a cake in a wacky shape.

* Move it! Make a funky fairground carousel or a groovy go-kart - model-sized, of course.

* Changing rooms? Design a dreamy bedroom and make a cardboard box model.

* Make music! Compost a catchy tune. Could you play it yourself?

* Be a techno-babe and write your own computer programme.

* Make some trendy togs with your own designer label.

* Concoct a crazy cartoon strip.

* Make to measure. Build your own weighing scales, or view life through your very own periscope.

* Build a boat that's beautiful and floats - just don't call it Titanic!

Walk And Talk

TAke a hike! Jump on your bike. Get out and about then tell or Six what you got up to.

* Travel plan! What are you going to see and do? How far will you go? Who'll go along with you ? Do you know where you're going?/ Will you need to map it out?

* Got the gear? What'll you wear apart form sturdy trainers or boots? Are you a wimp in the rain? Or will you put on your cagoule and go? Make a list of useful items, like a first-aid kit, a torch, and make something to eat and drink. are you sorted for carrying your gear?

* Group Walk? Go with our mates or other Brownies when you're at holiday or camp. Drag along an adult as well!

* Pedal power? Check your bike is working well. Got a puncture repair kit? Know how to use it! Look cool in your helmet.

* Six share. Make sure you tell your Six about your fab time. So pack your camera, a notebook or sketch pad.

* Spring spring? Check out the new lambs, spring flowers and other signs of summer on the way.

* Follow a leader! Go on a recommended ramble, take a footpath or suss out an organized walk. Have a laugh on a treasure hunt.

* Theme your walk. Look for weird plants or flowers, groovy signs or fave local places.

* Splash out! Take a watery wander by the beach or amble along a river, stream or canal.

* Galloping good fun! Go on horseback instead.

* Midnight beasts! Well, you might spot a badger. A night-time woodland walk makes for scary fun.

Party With The Pack

Buzzing with brill ideas? Sort out the coolest ever Pack event!

* First stop? A chat with your Guider about the sort of things you could do. Fix a time during a Brownie meeting to suss out others' ideas and what they'd like to do.

* When will it happen? Come up with a date and time. Check everyone can make it.

* Where's the venue and how will you get there? Will it be inside or out?

* What about packed lunch or extra food? Is there going to be a chance to shop? Do they need to wrap up warm, or be ready for the beach? Think about what to do if things go wrong. Remember the first-aid kit.

* A groovy Pack party sounds ace. Who'll get an invite? What about food, drink and entertainment? Will you have decorations and music?

* Organise a brain-teasing quiz with a monster prize for the winners. Host a talent contest. Or get going on an international theme.

* Get out and about. Take a trip to the park, your local castle or a stately home. Scream your head off all day on theme park rides!

* Take a closer look at a wildlife park or nature reserve.

* Closer to home? Organise a game or footie or other sporty event. Take a trip to the leisure centre for a splash about. Get it together so everyone can play their fave games.

Go For Guiding

Create an eye-catching ad for guiding. can you get a mate keen enough to give it a go?

* Watch this space! Whether it's a brill poster. fab video or terrific tape, make sure your ad has got the lot. Magazines, papers, billboards, the Internet, telly and radio are great places for ad ideas.

* What sort of ad? Are you planning a poster, video or tape? Any other ideas? Think whose attention you want to catch. What are they most likely to look at?

* What will you say? Grab them with a message about the mega things to do.

* Talk it up. Gather your pals at school and tell them that Guiding's great! Find out what they'd like to know. Are you going to get all the info into your ad!

* Get your facts right. Go on a visit to Guide or Rainbows to find out more. Run it past your Guider, Young Leader or Pack Leader before making your advert.

* Put it on show. Where's it going to get noticed? On a school noticeboard? Shop window? Video loop at the library?

If you're a computer whiz-kid, design your ad on screen. Even e-mail it to your mates.

* Make an ad about Guides for the other Brownies in your Pack. You'll need to do some fact-finding.

Beauty Spot

Looking fab is all about feeling good. Dream up a health and beauty make-over so you and your pals look and feel super-cool.

* What helps you look better? Is it shiny hair, clean nails or zit-free skin? Sparkling teeth?

* A happening outfit? Good posture? (That's not slumping or slouching when you sit or stand!)

* You are what you eat. Feeling your best means eating the grub that's good for you. Which foods do you think are best for you? What's not so good to eat?

* How have you changed since being a baby? Compare baby pics with the rest of your Six. Think about how you'll change in the future and list what you expect.

* Do you get the blues? What makes you laugh? When you fall out with your friends do you get upset? Are you ever angry? What scares you? Are you the jealous type? Are you always bored?

* Want to look and feel tip-top? Take a look at books and mags. Check out health pages for great ideas. Chat things over with your mates.

* Are you a couch-potato or a super athlete? Do you get enough exercise? What about a workout, to get you in shape?

* Bathing beauty! What's best about the products you use every day? Bath-time bubbles or super-scented shampoos? Fantastic formulas that zap zits or stop you biting your nails?

* Are you what you eat? Do you need to cut out crisps and cake and munch more fruit and veg? Check it out at home and make changes to improve your diet.

* Fashion fest! Have a girl's night in, pick and mix clothes and colours that suit you best. Put together a hot collection from your favourite clothes catalogues.

* Put feelings first. They're mega-important too. When you feel angry or sad, have you got a best friend to talk to? What about a sister or brother? Are your parents a bit of a drag, or really sorted? What about at Brownies?

* Fancy getting fitter? Find out what's available at school or in your area. Go for a splash in your local pool. Invest in a skipping rope or get on your bike!

* Sort out an exercise routine. Can you get a mate to do it with you?

The Way To Go

Track down a tame Guide and get clued up on the cool things she's been up to. Get an invite to join her at a meeting.

* Get it together! Who do you know that's a Guide? Give her a bell, meet up or e-mail her to see if she'll help out. Otherwise, chat to your Guider, Young Leader or Pack Leader - they should be able to put you in touch with someone.

* On your own? Why not take a mate with you? Grab another Brownie or a pal from school to go with you. Get the Guide to check out that it's okay for you to go to a meeting. See if you can pick one where there are masses of things going on.

* Be prepared! Put your brain into gear so you've got a list of things to quiz her on. Are you going to remember what she says? See if she minds you taking notes, or recording what goes on. Don't forget, your Guider is going to be really keen to hear what you found out.

* Where and when. Get all the details about the meeting. When does it start and finish? Do you know where it is? How are you going to get there? Check it's okay with your parents and your Guider for you to go. Do you need to take anything with you?

* You may get to join the Guides at camp, doing a cook-out, being their own girl band, having a party, indulging in a choc feast or a cola taste test.

* Tape it or use a camcorder so others can see what you've been up to. Make sure you know how to use it before you set off.

* Publish your results! Stick your photos and notes in a plain book. Caption the pics so you remember what was going on and who's in them. Give your book a title.

You're A Star!

Form your own girl band . . . get a groovin' dance routine going . . . read a funny poem. Just get up there and be a star!

* Get your creative juices going. Dream up a fab performance that's new and fresh. Make up a poem, don't just read one!

* When, where and who? Decide the time, the place and who'll be watching. Are you going to invite some special guests to watch you? How long will the show go on?

* Supporting cast? Going it alone? Performing with friends is more un and much less scary.

* Have you got a stage? Or will you need to create your own space? What about props and lighting? Have you got costume and make-up under control?

* Juggling and magic tricks will impress any crowd! Be a drama queen with your own play.

* Write your own music or poetry to perform.

* Make it nice and easy! Sing or play your own chart-topper.

* Display your aerobics talent, or put on a puppet show.

* Move to the beat! Put together a fab dance or music mime.

Creature Comforts

Is it make or break for wildlife where you live? Recycle stuff from home into a practical make that'll help creatures in your area.

* Feathery, furry or fishy friends? Don't forget the creepie-crawlies! Decide what you're going to help.

* Sketch a plan of your mega-make. Are you sure it'll work? Get an adult to give it the okay. You can always to a test run on bits of it before making the whole thing.

* You may need equipment or materials of some kind. Is it all going to be made from recycled stuff? Make a list of anything you need to buy and check you've got the dosh.

* Work out how long it will take to make. Do you know what you're doing? Or will you need a little help? Get your Six in on the action as well!

* Neat and tidy! Don't forget to clean up your mess.

* Keep an eye on your creation. Is it working out as you had hoped? Check out any visiting creatures. Keep a note of what you see.

* Food or shelter? Bird cakes, feeders or water bowls are easy to make or bake. Use dustbin lids, cartons or old tins. Boxes for animals to shelter or nest in are another great way to help.

* Watch it! Keep an eye on the creatures round your home. Put out extra food and water. Break ice on water bowls or garden ponds. Put a tennis ball in the pond to make an air hole.

* Record your efforts. Make a diary or video. Take some pics or do some brilliant sketches.

* Do it when you are at Brownie camp or holiday. Leave it for the next people who are staying - and don't forget to leave the instructions.

* What's on where you live? Find out if there are nay local animal protection schemes. See if you can get stuck in with their help.

Groovy Grub!

Create a tantalizing treat to teat. Find a food you've never tasted before. Make a delicious dish for your mates to munch on.

* Get into the supermarket or local food shops! What takes your fancy? Check the label to see if there are any clues as to what to do with it . . .

* Sweet or savoury? It's up to you. Cookbooks are brimming with great ideas. Or get inspired from mags and papers or the telly.

* Get together an ingredients list. What's it going to cost? Have you got the dosh?

* What will you need? Get the okay from everyone who'll eat hour efforts that the ingredients are fine for them. Have you got everything you'll need in the kitchen?

* Check out your plan and get the all-clear from an adult. Do a practice run to make sure you really are clued up. Do you need to call in some help? Did your recipe work out?

* Clean up your act before you start. Pinny on, hair back and hands super clean.

* Are you stylish and cool, or saucy and spicy? Make an impact with how you dish it up.

* Pack up a picnic, cook at camp, feed the family or serve up a super sweet to your Six.

* Make your bake a reason to party! Concoct a cake for a mate's birthday or dish up a fantastic feast to celebrate something special like Diwali, Holi, St Andrew's Day, Rosh Hashana, El Dia De Los Muertos or Pancake Day.

* Find a tasty dish from far away. Or pick a theme like radical red. Or go gorgeous green for veggie mates.

Go-Getter Guide

Get along to Guides to take in a great meeting or groovy event. Your mission is to make sure your Pack knows four things the guides do differently. Keep your eyes peeled!

* Check out where the Guides are in your area. If you've got a Pack Leader pick her brains for what's going on with her unit. Your Guider should have info on what's happening out there.

* Fancy going to a meeting or getting out and about with them? Get all the info on where and when they meet, and what they are planning. Their Guider will be clued up and can help you out.

* Find out what gear you'll need to take along. What are you going to wear?

* Take a mate or go solo. Have you got pals at Guides? How are you going to get there? Get the okay from your parents and Guider.

* Gen up on Guides. Remember your mission. Make a list of things to watch out for and keep a note of what you see.

* Think up some cool questions. Do any of your Brownie pals want you to find out stuff for them?

* Back at Brownies! Time to tell all. How will you do it?

* How do Guides do things differently? Can you spot the different? Get the low-down on these!

* What sort of clothes do they wear?

* Do they have a Promise? A Law and a Motto? What about Freda? Do they have a Promise badge? Do they get together in Sixes? Is there something like the Brownie Ring? What about their Guiders? Are they like yours?

* What's happening What do Guides get up to each week? Who decides what they do? Do they really Go For It!

* Have they got a handbook or badge book? What other books do they use? Are there loads of badges to do? Or do they get on with other things?

Game For A Laugh

Invent some funky fun and games for your Six. Use the brill bits and pieces you've brought back from hols or a day away.

* How well do you know your Six? What kind of game will they have fun with? Make up rules so you're sure it's going to be fair. Check they work and that your instructions are going to be easy to understand. be ready to thin on your feet in case they need to be changed when you play for real.

* Thing big or small! The things you use could have been brought back from holiday, Brownie camp, a day trip or a visit to the local park.

* If you don't have anything suitable, plan a trip to the beach, a stately home or museum to get what you need.

* Store your objects carefully and get them to Brownies in one piece.

* What's going to happen to it when you've played it? Will you take your game home? Or will you play it with your mates again? Do the other Sixes want to borrow it? Is there anyone else who'd like the game?

* Got what you need? Shells from the each, souvenirs or currency from a holiday, postcards or dolls from around the world?

* Try a board game, or a collecting game, or a guessing game. Whatever you fancy. So, get playing.

* You'll know which game is gest for your Brownie pals. Will they like boggling their brains with a quiz? Or is charging about outside more their style?

Fab Five

Make sense! Come up with a great activity that puts one of your five super senses to the test.

* Get clued up and know your senses. They are sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. Delve into some books or ask around to find out all you can.

* First thoughts! Choose one sense and explore the best ways of testing it out.

* You'll need . . . eye-opening ideas for sight, feely things for touch, several scents for smells, a few foods for taste and different noises for hearing.

* Get out to the shops and have a look round. Are there any things there that have got some good ideas? Like have you ever noticed the Braille on Cleaning stuff? Did you feel any bumpy tiles on the pavement? Listen out for the beeps at crossings? And just how loud is the traffic?

* Home or away? Will your challenge be for indoors or out? Go through your plans with an adult for the okay.

* Test them out! Give it a go yourself or see if your Brownie mates will try them. Young kids, like the Rainbows, could have fun too.

* Does anyone who'll have go at your activity have a sense that doesn't work so well? Get clued up and make sure everyone can take part.

* Feel it! Get together lots of objects with different textures to make a funky feely bag. Try cotton wool, potato peelings, a silky scarf or some slimy spaghetti!

* Taste test! Compare sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Do a taste test with different cheeses, colas and flavoured crisps.

* Smell that! In search of different scents? Get out on a smell-seeking stroll. Or just sound it out! Check out different noises going on round you. Tell a story using sound effects!

* Watch the telly or a video without any sound. Get glued to the ads and cartoons. Stick on a music video as well. What do you think?

* Sign of the times! Finger your way through the alphabet in British Sign Language or get to grips with Makaton.

* Get some food colouring and decorate some food in gross colours. Does it look as tasty? Who's brave enough to tuck in?

* Try a flick book. Or sort out some optical illustrations like magic-eye postcards, holograms or 3-D pics.

Tried And Trusted

Get grown-up and take on a job at home that'll really show you're safe to lend a hand! Sign and seal the deal, then show you're up to it each week.

* First things first. Sort out when it's handy to chat through with your folks what you're going to do. Sit down with them to work out he best task for you to tackle. How many weeks are you going to do it for?

* Have you done this particular job before? Get someone at home to show you how it needs to be done. Have a go yourself to make sure you're safe. Are you clued up about gear you'll need? Make a check list if it helps.

* Don't bite off more than you can chew . . . but remember, it's got to be a challenge!

* Don't make chores a bore. Keep a note of your success rate on a chart or in a scrap book.

* Fancy showing your Guider what you're really made of? See if there's something at Brownies you can get to grips with . Or is there something at a friend's or neighbour's. Get the okay from your Guider before you dive in.

* Instead of doing one big task maybe take on two or three smaller jobs. Remember, the most important thing is to show you can be relied on.

* What will you do? Choose something that will really make a difference to whoever you're going to help.

* Help with the food shopping - and putting it away! Scrub the car and vacuum it clean.

* Top suggestions indoors our out? Sort out the recycling or empty the bins. Keep a bit of the garden or a window box weed-free.

* Task force! Entertaining your little brother for half an hour may be a big help, especially if you tidy away the mess afterwards!

* Take care of your Brownie clothes and school uniform and investigate how the washing machine works. Get the laundry sorted into piles.

* Be brave and clean the toilet and bathroom. Or be daring with the duster. Stack up the dishwasher and when it's all over, put your results away.

* Look after your pet. Don't forget food, water, exercise, grooming, keeping it clean and playing with it.

Funky Freda!

Get mates with a new Brownie! Make her really feel part of the Pack by helping her make something fab based on Freda.

* Before you start! Check your new Brownie pal knows who Freda is and what she's about.

* Got a zillion ideas on what to make? Give her a chance to say her suggestions. They might even be as brill as yours! Is she going to keep the funky Freda? Or will it be a game or activity she'll enjoy playing?

* When you've come up with a crafty Freda idea, have a thin about how it will help your new Brownie friend get to grips with her Promise.

* Decide on the best place to get busy on your 'make'. When you're all set get going on it. Make sure she gets half the fun, and helps with half the clearing up!

* Get keen in the kitchen and make a yummy pink Freda cake to share with the rest of the Pack. Take a snap quickly, before everyone scoffs the lot.

* Fun and games! Card games are cool, or how about making some Freda-style skittles, a Freda board game or even a Freda trail (with giant elephant footprints)?

* Soft toys are cute choices. Model Freda into a mobile. Or turn Freda into a pin-up with a monster poster. All groovy things for the new Brownie to have in her bedroom.

* Fashion some Freda notepaper. Make a perfectly-pink item of clothing. Design some Freda jewellery.

Action Stations

Anyone for tennis? Tried trampolining? Be amazed at how good you are at a sport or activity you've never tried before.

* First off, think about what you'd like to tackle. Are you up to it? Do you want to go for a team sport or go it alone? What's going on at school or down the local leisure centre?

* Check out the phone book, Internet or brochures at the library for stunning suggestions

* find out if you need to be mega-fit to start with, or good at balancing, or a real team-player.

* Quiz your mates and Brownie pals. Or you could discover a ski-ing champion or karate expert lurking in your class.

* Rain may not spoil your play but if your chosen activity is outdoors, a weather check makes good sense before you set off.

* Got the dosh? Is it going to be mega-expensive? What gear do you need? Can you borrow some to start with? Are you going to need to play for lessons? Will it cost you much to get there?

* Play safe. It's a top priority whatever you do. so check out all those safety rules and regulations. Get the okay at home and make sure your travel plans are squeaky clean.

* All set and raring to go? You can enjoy it more if you take a mate long . Even if they don't join in, they can still cheer you on.

* What's it going to be? The choice is endless. Skating, abseiling, orienteering, rugby, sailing, canoeing, off-road cycling, footie, aerobics, judo and tennis are just for starter.

* Not the scene for you? How about bit of bellringing, brass rubbing or birdwatching instead?

The Name Game

It's all yours! Use your name or initials to create a daring design for something really useful.

* Initial inspiration! Choose what to use - just your initials or your whole name. How many letters does that give yo?

* Where will you use it? In your bedroom or at Brownies? What about at camp or on holiday? Make a cool pressie for a pal, using her initials of course!

* Trendy ideas! Look at designer logos for ideas. Check out what shops and companies call themselves.

* Get creative. What are you going to make? Make sure it's really practical! Devastate with your design. Will it be cute and dreamy, straightforward and simple, or wild and wacky? Sketch it out.

* Pick some fab and funky colours. Go for texture and stunning finishes.

* Material girl! How are you going to construct your brill idea? Have you got the dear you need? What about the cash?

* Safety first! Go carefully. Get an adult to give your plan the okay. You could even get them to be your work mate for the day!

* Use some groovy graphics, or come up with something clever on the computer!

* Sew, stitch or knit. Pint or paste. Why not print, tie-dye or line-cut your design. Recycle some junk or splash out on fabric paints. Put on your best handwriting and get into calligraphy.

* Try a nameplate for your bedroom door.

* Personalise a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. Great greetings cards, a posh pencil case or a brill bookmark for the stationery set that'll make your mates go green.

Guide Action

Get the low-down on a groovy Guide game or activity to share with your Pack. Sort it so that Guide's there to give you a hand showing the Brownies how it's done.

* Where to go. Get clued up on where the local Guides hang out. Your Guider should have the info. Or you can always see what your Pack leader or Young Leader know. If you already know a Guide it's easy-peasy! Get in touch and see when it's okay to visit.

* Check it out! Make sure they'll be playing games when you go. Pick one that all the Brownies can play. Will you have to make any changes so everyone can take part?

* Learn the rules and make any notes you need. Draw a sketch if it's easier. Find any equipment you'll need. Quiz the Guides for top technique tips.

* Will you need to get the Brownies to bring along special activity wear, like trainers? For an outdoor game have a back-up plan in case it's raining!

* Going it alone? Grab some reinforcements. Take a Brownie mate or a pal from school. Who do you know at Guides? Get the Guider to introduce you to some of them as soon as you turn up.

* Grab a Guide! Invite her to your Pack. does she know where she's going and what time you meet? How will she get there? Has she been a brownie herself? Does she want to bring a friend with her?

* Be super safe! Get they okay from your parents and Guider that all your plans are pot on!

* Say a big thanks at the end of your visit.

* Will all the Brownies manage the game? Will you need to make any changes?

* What sort of game will you play? Is it all-out action? A fun quiz: Maybe a memory or matching game? Or one that takes real skill!

* What's the alternative? Maybe you and your Guide chum can teach the Pack hot cook-out recipes, make a rope bridge or jam to a new song. Or maybe show the Pack a brilliant make idea.

Trendy Togs

Stage your own fab fashion show. Rope in the rest of your Six to model this season's cool collection. Put on the catwalk style for an admiring audience.

* Thinking big? Or small? It doesn't have to be a massive affair. What counts is it's the hottest show in town. What clothes will you use? Where will you get them?

* When and where? Check if you need to book a room or hall.

* Get your Six or other pals to help out. Who wants to model? Who'll fashion great hairstyles? Don't forget the make-up artist! Will you need to get any adult hep?

* Get sorted with the music. Match it to the clothes, like racy for sports gear or no the beat for dance wear.

* Accessorise? Some happening hats and jazzy jewels will add that fab final touch. Add bags and rucsacs for those essential items. Remember too, wearing lipstick may be cool for you, but check it's okay for others.

* Check out funky footwear and groovy gloves. Shae your eyes and paint your nails. Slinky scarves and loud tights are all the rage! Create an image from top to toe for each outfit.

* Who will you invite? Going to advertise your show or will it be strictly 'invitation only'? Create some snazzy invites for parents or the Guides. Put up posters with all the details.

* Practice makes perfect. Get plenty of it?! Make sure you can cope with the clothes changes. Check the timing's right. Test your models out for perfect poise and striding down the catwalk. Arrange the seating so everyone can take in the show.

* Remember to return all the clothes you borrow and tidy up at the end.

* What to wear? Will the clothes be your own creations and designs? Will you adapt and recycle clothes and fabrics?

* Look abroad for inspiration or collect costume ideas from other countries.

* Four seasons? Step out in col summer styles or winter wonders.

* Action wear! Why not have a section looking at super swimwear or cool clothes for outdoor adventure.

* Put on they style for special occasions. Party gear and wild wedding outfits. Great Diwali wear or camping gear.