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leslie's guiding traditions

Gold Cords were designed to be a level beyond All-Round Cords, prior to the introduction of Queen's Guide.

1921 requirements were:

A Guide must have had at least two years' service before being recommended for the Gold Cord. Guides must have earned the following badges:

First Class or Ranger Star.

Sick Nurse or Probationer.


Swimmer, or Signaller, or First Class Signaller.  

Athlete or Gymnast.

Child Nurse or Nurse.

Laundress or Finisher. Scribe or Clerk.

Domestic Service.

Also six others chosen by herself.

She must also have trained a Guide for the 1st Class Badge (with the exception of the Ambulance, Child Nurse and Swimming Tests, which should be taught by qualified people).

In applying for the Gold Cord, the Captain must send a report of the work done during the past year of the Patrol to which the Guide belongs, of which all Guides of six months' standing must be 2nd Class. This application should first be sanctioned by the Court of Honour.