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leslie's guiding traditions

One of the key Brownie ceremonial set-pieces was the 'Grand Howl' or 'Grand Salute'. It was used to congratulate or welcome special guests or achievements. The 1961 Brownie Handbook stated:

"This is a salute which may be used on special occasions. You make a Brownie Ring and 'curtsey-sit' with your arms between your knees and two finders of each hand touching the ground. You all say very softly: 'Tu-whit, tu-whit, tu-whoo-oo', rising a little way, and gently sinking back to squatting position. Then all say a second time, 'Tu-whit, tu-whit, tu-whoo-oo', a little louder, rising a little further and sinking back again. The third time the 'Tu-whit, tu-whit, tu-whoo-oo' gets louder and louder and you all jump in the air clapping your hands over your heads at the last, with a very loud 'tu-whoo-oo'. Then there is absolute silence as everyone does the Brownie Salute.  

It is a good idea to keep the Grand Salute for people like Commissioner, Guide Captain, and members of the Pack, who know all about Brownies. For other people it is fun to make up your own very special ways of saying 'Welcome' or Thank you'."