leslie's guiding traditions

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According to the 1912 Handbook "When making the promise, the Guide will stand holding her right hand raised level with her shoulder, palm to the front, thumb resting on the nail of the little finger, and the other three fingers upright, pointing upwards.  This is the Guides' salute and secret sign.  When the hand is raised shoulder high it is called 'The Half Salute'.  When raised to the forehead it is the 'Full Salute'."

Later the names were altered, with the hand at shoulder height being known as the "sign", and the fingers touching forehead or hat brim being known as the "salute".

In 1968, amidst other programme changes, the "salute" with hand touching forehead or hat brim was dropped, and what had been known as the "Sign", was now renamed as the "Salute".  It is often used alongside the left handshake, for instance when badges are being presented.