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leslie's guiding traditions

The first World Camp was held from 16-24 July 1924, at Foxlease, then the recently-opened Guider Training Centre near Southampton, England. It was held in conjunction with the World Conference which was being held in the main Training Centre. Initially, six Guides and one Leader were invited from each Guiding member country, however Countries who could send larger parties were permitted to do so. In total there were 1100 campers, of which 600 were from overseas, with 40 countries represented. They were hosted in subcamps by local Guiding Counties.

Following this, World Camps were held at:

Camp Edith Macy, USA, in May 1926.

Pax Ting, Godollo, Hungary, from 25 July to 7 August 1939.

Doe Lake, Ontario, Canada/Quezon City, Philippines/Lac de Conche, Switzerland/Windsor Great Park, England, 1957 (to mark the centenary of Robert Baden-Powell's birth).

Foxlease, Lyndhurst, England, 1999.

Besides these, International Camps are held in countries around the world, every year. Often, these are camps organised by a local area such as a County or Region, and they choose which countries to send invitations to, offering to host small parties of visitors. In those countries which receive invitations, there is often a selection process, in order to choose capable campers, who will be able to enjoy a camp abroad where there may be a different culture and cuisine.