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leslie's guiding traditions

Prior to 1968, lanyards were part of the uniform for Patrol Leaders, for Sea Rangers, and for Guiders. In most cases, it was worn round the neck, and clipped into the belt loop at the side, and at the end of it was a whistle. But in the case of Sea Rangers, it was worn twisted around the tie, and would carry a penknife. Usually, lanyards were white. But holders of the camp licence wore green lanyards, and holders of the Brownie Holiday licence wore buff lanyards. Holders of Guide First Class who gained it as adult wore a blue and white striped lanyard, of Ranger First Class a red and white striped lanyard.

The Guide shop sold basic white lanyards, in twisted cords. Sea Rangers, however, were expected to make their own, displaying their ability to tie fancy knots and bends such as Turk's Head, Flat Sennit and Rolling Boatswain. They always featured a large neck loop, a central cord, and a small loop at the far end, to secure the whistle or knife using a lark's head knot.

The picture shows a handmade green lanyard, as worn by a holder of Guide Camp Licence.

After 1968, Lanyards were not worn as part of uniform. Holders of Camp Licence could wear a green lanyard when in camp, holders of the Pack Holiday Permit/Licence could wear a buff lanyard when on a Pack Holiday.