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LINK was founded as a young adults section of Trefoil Guild, in 1973.  1973 POR stated:

LINK is an organisation for young adults who are interested in the world about them and are willing to give service in the context of living to-day, priority being given to international activities.

LINK is administered by a sub-committee of the Central Executive Committee of the Trefoil Guild.

a) Aims.  LINK is intended to provide a flexible framework for groups of young people to maintain an association with the Guide Movement while pursuing some form of service, not necessarily within the group.

b) Age.  Membership is restricted to men and women between the ages of 18 and 30.

c) Full Membership.

i) Women

a) Full membership is open to any woman who has made the Guide/Scout Promise.  A full member is ipso facto a member of the Trefoil Guild and of the International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides.

b) A woman who has not made the Guide/Scout Promise may be admitted to full membership provided that:

i) She is introduced by a member of LINK.

ii) She serves a probationary period of three months in which she learns about the Guide/Scout Movement and undertakes some form of service.

iii) At the end of this period, she is approved by the Committee of the Link to which she is attached, as eligible for membership.

iv) Finally, she makes the Guide Promise to an authorised member of the Girl Guides Association.

ii) Men.  Full membership is open only to men who have been members of the Scout Movement and have made the Scout Promise.

iii) Badge.  Full members of LINK wear the badge of the International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides, a red Scout arrowhead on a white trefoil.

d) Associate Membership.

i) Associate LINK membership is open to any man or woman who has not previously made the Scout/Guide Promise or is unwilling for good reasons to do so, provided that the candidate:

a) Is introduced by a member of LINK.

b) Serves a probationary period of three months during which he/she learns about the Scout/Guide Movement and undertakes some form of service.

c) At the end of this period is approved by the Committee of the Link to which he/she is attached.

ii) Associate Link membership must not exceed 40 per cent of the total membership of each Link.

e) Leadership

i) The Link Organiser for County/Division must be a member or associate member of the Trefoil Guild.  She is appointed by the appropriate Commissioner and is responsible to the Trefoil Guild Adviser.

ii) The Leader, who must be a full member, and committee of each Link are elected by its members annually for a term not exceeding three years.  The Leader and Committee are responsible for managing the Link and for planning the group activities.

f) Finance.  Each Link is responsible for its own finances and local expenses.  Every member pays an annual subscription to Country/Region funds.

g) Activity Wear.  LINK belongs to the non-uniformed section of the Girl Guides Association, but on appropriate occasions the following activity rig may be worn:

Navy blue slacks with navy blue shirt or pullover.

Alternative for women members: Guider's summer uniform.

14) International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides.  The United Kingdom, i.e. the Trefoil Guild (Former Guides) and the B.-P. Scout Guild (Former Scouts), is a Founder Member Country of the International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides.  It subscribes to the conditions of membership and purposes as laid down in the constitution of the Fellowship.  Included on the Council of the Fellowship is a representative of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Members of the Guild are entitled to wear the badge of the Fellowship (a red Scout arrowhead superimposed on a white trefoil).  The uniform (white shirt, grey skirt, and International Fellowship scarf) may be worn only at International Fellowship camps, conferences, and assemblies.  

Members travelling abroad are recommended to obtain an International Fellowship identity card.

The Guilds in the Branch Associations are included in United Kingdom membership of the International Fellowship.

Note: Badges, identity cards, and scarves are obtained from the Trefoil Guild Central Office, application being made through County Advisers.

Co-Operation with the B.-P. Scout Guild

At national level the two Guilds have a joint committee to which all matters of mutual interest, including those concerning the International Fellowship, are referred.

2005 Guiding Manual

LINK International Fellowship

LINK International Fellowship is a part of Girlguiding UK.  It aims to provide a flexible framework for groups of young women and young men to maintain contact with Guiding and Scouting while pursuing some form of service, but not necessarily within a uniformed section.  The LINK office is combined with The Trefoil Guild office at CHQ.


Members must be aged between their 18th and 65th birthdays, but must join before they are 30.  Membership is open to women and men who have made, or are willing to make, the Guide or Scout Promise.  There are two categories of membership:

* Full.

* Affiliated.

Uniform - There is no LINK uniform but a member of LINK is entitled to wear the LINK badge.

Finance - LINK aims to be financially self-supporting.

Subscription - Every member of LINK is required to pay an annual subscription, the amount of which is fixed from time to time by LINK's National Executive Committee.

Local Organisation - a LINK unit may be formed at unit, District, Division or County level or in any group approved by LINK's National Executive Committee.  A LINK unit must be registered using form R/T.

LINK was never very widespread, and was finally disbanded in 2008, and merged into Trefoil Guild.