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leslie's guiding traditions

From it's earliest days, Guiding tracked length of membership, and awarded Service Stars. The same style was used by both Guiding and Scouting - an initial plain star, then stars numbered from 2 upwards. A felt disk was worn behind the metal star to denote the section in which the service was done - brown for Brownies, green for Guides, dark red for Land Rangers. These were worn on the uniform, just above the pocket. On the back there was either a split pin, or a ring, through which a mini kirby-grip style clip could be threaded (as seen on the 2 star pictured.  

Later, a larger brass star was introduced, to represent 5 years, in order to reduce the rows of stars which were worn. Service Stars continued to be used until 1968.

From 1968, the metal service stars were replaced by square fabric badges for the Brownie and Guide sections. There were not equivalent badges for Leaders. Though the styles changed, these continued to be issued for Brownies until the mid-1990s. However the Guide ones were only around for a few years, as it was felt they were a duplication of the Guide trefoil badges.

From 1965, for adults, rather than awards every year, long service awards were given at regular intervals. The design of these was a coloured reef knot on a navy background - initially they were made in ribbon, later as metal pin badges.

In 1965 POR there was a single award - the white knot for 15 years' service, not necessarily continuously.

In 1985 POR the badge was navy with a white knot for 15 years' service, and with a green knot for 25 years.

By the 1990 Guiding Manual it had been altered to be white knot for 10 years' service, green knot for 20 years' service, and pink knot for 30 years' service.  

By 1999, recognising the length of service some people were achieving in volunteer roles, a special badge was introduced for 40 years' service, featuring a ring of reef knots around a trefoil, on a blue enamel background.

In the 2000s the design was changed to be a metal twist shape, with a star cut out. 10-year award being in matte silver, 20-year in shiny silver, 30-year in matte silver with a gemstone, 40-year in shiny silver with a gemstone. The 50-year award is longer in length, and has gemstones along it's edge. There is now also a 60-year award.

From the 1990s through to 2017, Brownies and Guides did not have length-of-service badges, as their programme badges were usually awarded roughly annually.  

In 2017, with the change to a new programme, anniversary badges for youth members were introduced again, in this case running non-stop through the sections from the date a girl first joined Guiding. These are round badges, in colour, with a large number.