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leslie's guiding traditions

Brownies traditionally open their unit meetings by skipping into a circle, which has in the middle certain centrepieces of the unit's choice. There might be a toadstool, an owl, a pool. Traditionally, whatever items the unit chose, all those items would sit on a 'magic carpet'. This was a mat of green fabric, intended to give the impression of a grassy surface, and it would be decorated with the emblems of each Brownie Six. Any badges the pack won would also be sewn onto it, along with any special honours.  

It was used in a couple of different ways. For many years, Brownies paid their subs weekly, so as part of the opening ceremony, their subscription would be laid on their Six's part of the magic carpet.  

It's other use was when the pack chose to pay 'visits' to Brownies in other countries to learn about them. Once the pack had agreed which country they were going to travel to, each Brownie would touch the hem of the magic carpet, and they would imagine flying across the sea to another country, and preparing to enjoy the activities, or food, or language, they were about to encounter.