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leslie's guiding traditions

Pack Leaders date back to at least 1921. They are registered Guides, who regularly attend their Guide meetings. But, in addition, they also attend a Brownie unit's meeting, and act as a member of the leadership team. Their main role and responsibility is to ensure the Brownies, especially the older ones, know all about what the local Guide units do, and to be a familiar face when Brownies move up. At the same time, she gains in leadership skills by helping with and leading activities in the Brownie Pack. They had a special badge with three yellow stripes, which was worn just above the cuff of the Guide uniform.

When Rainbows were invented, so it was seen that Guides could be useful 'big-sister' helpers. So they became known as Rainbow Helpers. Their badge had three green stripes, and was worn in the same position.

In recent years, the Brownie role was renamed as 'Brownie Helper' as Brownies now have units rather than packs, and because the title sometimes caused confusion. The badge is now a metal pin badge, with red enamel for Brownie Helpers, and light blue for Rainbow Helpers.