leslie's guiding traditions

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With the Patrol being a key part of the Guide idea, so there was long encouragement for Patrols to go off and do activities by themselves.  They would have Patrol meetings, work on badges and projects together, and yes, go off on hikes together, led by their Patrol Leader.  They would range within a few miles if setting off on foot, further afield if they were able to use a bus to start their journey.  Often they would take food and some compact cooking supplies in their haversacks, so that they could light a fire and cook a meal whilst out.  It could give practice in firelighting for younger Guides working on their Second Class, and experience on possible outings before tackling the hike test for older Guides working on First Class.  

Sadly, modern safety rules and fears over unaccompanied groups, along with fewer areas of countryside where firelighting is allowed, mean that Patrol outings are rare.