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leslie's guiding traditions

The cornerstone of Guiding, it's entire premise, was founded around the Patrol. And as such, a key figure was the Patrol Leader.

Every gang needs a leading character, with the personality to inspire a group to work together well, and that lynch-pin was, and is, the Patrol Leader.

The original Patrol Leaders wore two white chevrons on their left sleeve, and on their Guide Stave was a white pennant flag with their Patrol Emblem painted or embroidered on it.

In 1917 a book was published, "The Patrol System for Girl Guides", adapted from "The Patrol System", by Captain The Honourable Roland E. Phillipps, a Scoutmaster in London, who sadly was killed in action during World War 1.

At the start of World War 2, many of the Guiders were called up for war service, and it fell to the Patrol Leaders to keep their units going - and at times, keep the Brownie unit going too. It was during this time that the Patrol Leader's Camp Permit was introduced - allowing a Patrol Leader to take her Patrol on a Guide camp.  

In the years since, the Patrol Leader's role has continued. Through the 2000s and 2010s, when they were key to their Patrols working on Go For It packs, to the present day when many are involved in leading Skills Builders.