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leslie's guiding traditions

Patrol Meetings. With the Patrol originally being the main focus of Guiding, and the unit meeting being seen as the gathering of several Patrols together, so there was long an encouragement of Patrol Meetings, and advice for Patrol Leaders. Nevertheless, a lot was left up to her. She had to be a source of ideas for activities, be the coordinator who helped draw together the Patrol's ideas, calm down the excitable ones, make sure the quiet ones were heard. Although there was always encouragement for Guides to find or make their Patrol meeting place, in reality the meetings tended to be held in whichever houses could host the group.  

Patrols could work on interest badges together, or on Patrol Good Turns, or on choosing what activities they might run when it was their turn to lead the Company meeting. They would also hold a 'Patrol-in-Council' meeting ahead of a Court of Honour or Patrol Leader's Council meeting, so they could discuss the agenda and agree with the PL what the Patrol's suggestions or opinions were. But as a gang of friends, there didn't need to be a formal agenda - social occasions, too, could be grounds for a Patrol gathering.