leslie's guiding traditions

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Until the 1950s Brownies were not allowed to carry flags or flag equivalents.  It was partly assumed that the Guide Flag also represented any Brownie units attached to the Guide unit.  Apart from that. Brownie Sixers could each have a 'wand'.  This was a short stick which could be carried in the hand, which had a cut-out shape of the Six Emblem on it.  

In the 1950s, a flag-option was introduced, the pack pennant.  This was a leather triangular pennant-shaped flag, on a short stick, On it, the pack name was painted in yellow.  

It was in 1982 that Brownies were first allowed to have actual flags.  They were in brown fabric, with an appliqued Brownie Badge and Unit Name, with a lightweight metal pole, and a brown wooden finial.

In 2014, new style flags were brought out for all sections, which were printed rather than appliqued, but retained the same lightweight metal poles and wooden finials.