leslie's guiding traditions

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From the start of the Ranger section in 1916, through to around 1940, Rangers had interest badges to work on.  They appear to all have been withdrawn at that stage, probably because the Ranger section was focused on work for the new Home Emergency Service badge, and on war work.  Thereafter there were themed certificates which Rangers could work on, as part of their programme, but they did not come with individual badges.  In the 1990s, staged badges were introduced for Rainbows, Brownies and Rangers, but these were eventually withdrawn.  In 2018, with the coming of a new Ranger programme, new interest badges are now available.  But lets look back at the old badges.

Ranger Ability

Ranger Air Mechanic

Ranger Architect and Town Planner

Ranger Artist

Ranger Art Lover

Ranger Astronomer

Ranger Athlete

Ranger Author

Ranger Beauty Lover

Ranger Bellringer

Ranger Bookbinder

Ranger Booklover

Ranger Braille

Ranger Campcraft

Ranger Choral Patrol

Ranger Citizen

Ranger Clerk

Ranger Cook

Ranger Current Events

Ranger Decoder

Ranger Domestic Service

Ranger Dressmaker

Ranger Electrician

Ranger Embroideress

Ranger Empire Knowledge

Ranger Explorer

Ranger Finisher

Ranger First Aider

Ranger Folk Dancer

Ranger Friend to the Deaf

Ranger Gardener

Ranger Geologist

Ranger History Student

Ranger Home Emergency Service

Ranger Hostess

Ranger Housecraft

Ranger Housekeeper

Ranger House Surveyor

Ranger Instructor

Ranger International Knowledge

Ranger Interpreter

Ranger First Class Knitter

Ranger Leatherworker

Ranger Local Knowledge

Ranger Mariner

Ranger Milkmaid

Ranger Milliner

Ranger Minstrel

Ranger Motorist

Ranger Musician

Ranger Nature Lover

Ranger Needlewoman

Ranger Nurse

Ranger Physical Training

Ranger Player

Ranger Printer

Ranger Probationer

Ranger Public Health

Ranger Rescuer

Ranger Samaritan

Ranger Scribe

Ranger Sea Lore

Ranger Signaller

Ranger Skater

Ranger Surveyor

Ranger Telegraphist

Ranger Textile Worker

Ranger Thrift

Ranger Toycraft

Ranger Water Naturalist

Ranger World Citizen