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leslie's guiding traditions

The original Rainbow Promise badge was introduced in 1987, and was printed. It can also be identified by the thick green line round the trefoil.

Within a couple of years, it was replaced by a woven design, which can be distinguished by the narrow green edge on the trefoil.

In 1992 Guiding introduced new Promise Badges for all sections featuring the same new-style trefoils, but with a different coloured background. In the case of Rainbows, they continued to be denied pin badges on safety grounds.

In c2004, after much campaigning by Rainbow Leaders, headquarters relented and agreed to allow Rainbows a pin-on Promise Badge, just like the other sections had. By this time, the Rainbow section colours had changed, hence rather than green, it was produced with pale blue enamel.

In 2006 Guiding changed it's logo, and as a result, new Promise Badges were produced for all sections. As before, the Rainbow Promise Badge was produced with pale blue enamel.