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leslie's guiding traditions

Initially, like much else in the programme, each unit had to choose their own opening song. As a result, most units wrote words to well-known tunes. A number of these were captured in the songbook "Sing and Have Fun", published initially by Girlguiding Scotland, and now by Netherurd Singing Circle.

Then a new national song was introduced:

Look at the world around.

Learn everything you can.

Laugh as you go along.

Love this world of ours.

Look, Learn, Laugh, Love.

Rainbows have begun.

We're all here now.

Come and join the fun.

The same tune is also used for the closing song, in which case the words are:

Look, Learn, Laugh, Love.

We've had lots of fun.

Bye bye Rainbows.

Sleep well everyone.