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leslie's guiding traditions

For many years, Rangers did not have their own magazine. The problem was one of numbers - for a magazine to be viable, there needed to be a certain size of regular readership, particularly of regular subscribers. Meantime, they had to make do with corners in the other magazines - articles for Leaders in the "Girl Guide Gazette" or "The Guider", articles for the Rangers themselves occasionally in "The Guide". In the 1920s there was a page entitled "The Ranger Round Table" which was a letters page for the Rangers to submit letters and engage in discussion. 

By the 1930s the pages were appearing monthly, in a pull-out form, with eight pages featuring badge hints, poems or stories, articles and features. There were occasional 'special' editions with extra features for Sea Rangers, Lone Rangers or Extension Rangers, with features, photographs and suggestions for games and activities. There were also some general interest items - movie news, knitting or sewing patterns, book reviews and the like.

In the 1960s and early 1970s they experimented with a standalone A5 size magazine for Senior Section - first titled "Senior Branch News" and later "The Ranger" - but rising publishing costs combined with limited sales meant that it just wasn't viable and soon had to be dropped. From that time, Senior Section members had the option of subscribing to the adult magazine, "The Guider", which included occasional features relevant to Senior Section as well as to adults.