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leslie's guiding traditions

Roundabouts were themed activity packs for Rainbow units to use. They took the form of a plastic mat or tablecloth which could be spread on the floor for the Rainbows to gather round and choose which activities to do. The first pack had a general theme, thereafter they covered specific topics.

The badge was awarded to all of the Rainbows in the unit, regardless of how many of the Roundabout activities they personally took part in.

Initially, there were generic badges for the Roundabouts, just with different coloured edges. The Rainbow unit chose which one to give out each time, as they wished.

Later, specific badges were introduced for each one, so it was clear quite which Roundabout the Rainbow had participated in. A special Roundabout was brought out to mark the Rainbow anniversary.

Roundabouts came to an end in July 2019, when the new programme was introduced UK-wide.