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leslie's guiding traditions

"Sea Ranger Crews are allowed the privilege of adopting the names of well-known ships. The underlying idea is that the Sea Rangers can choose a ship whose history and traditions they will be proud to carry on, and whose honour they will delight to maintain. As is the custom in real vessels, the name of the town or village of origin is added after the name of the ship, e.g., S.R.S. (Sea Ranger Ship) Golden Hind, London - which was the first Sea Ranger Crew to be started.

Before deciding on a name, the Crew should collect and discuss at their musters various stories and names of ships (a peep into a Lloyd's Register will disclose hundreds of names), and finally prepare two or three alternatives, for it is laid down that the name of a ship may only be used by one Crew, and that it should not be a fanciful name but that of a real ship. Inquiry should therefore be made at Girl Guide Headquarters before registration, and two or three alternatives sent in. Diverse reasons have governed the choice of names. Some like a ship famous in history: Victory, Mayflower, Revenge, Ark Royal. Others prefer to adopt an explorer's vessel, such as Discovery, Quest, Terra Nova. Several crews have found ships closely connected with their own town, Implacable, Portsmouth, Royal Sovereign, Bexhill-on-Sea. Some crews choose the name of their home town or county: Coventry, Norfolk, Sussex, Sheffield, Somerset. Others again choose a name with a meaning which they may make their watchword, e.g., Undaunted, Reliance, Courageous, Persevere.

Sea Ranger Crews are very often fortunate enough to get into touch with the personnel of the ship whose name they have adopted, and always meet with considerable interest and kindness."

from Sea Sense (Sea Ranger Handbook) - 1938 Edition