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leslie's guiding traditions

Prior to 1968, after completing the Tenderfoot Tests and having the Enrolment Ceremony, work began towards gaining the Second Class. Gaining it allowed you to work on Proficiency Badges - and although First Class was promoted as the badge every Guide should strive to win, in reality the majority did not, so the Second Class gave a baseline level of knowledge for every Guide to have.  

The Second Class test in 1912 was:

Know ten points of the law of the Guides.

Must have at least four weeks' attendance as Tenderfoot.

Must have knowledge of elementary first-aid, how to stop bleeding, and bind broken leg.

Some knowledge of Morse alphabet.

Tie six knots, as selected.

Follow a track half a mile in twenty-five minutes, and cut out and make a signal flag; or, alternative -

Cut out, in paper, and place a Union Jack, and explain hoist, fly, origin, and history.

Lay and light a fire, using not more than two matches - if possible, in the open.

Make a bed properly.

Know the Guides' secret passwords.

The test in 1950 was:

Show that she is trying hard to keep the Threefold Promise.

1) Have passed the Tenderfoot Test.

2) Receive and answer a message in semaphore or Morse out of talking range.

3) Recognise twelve living things and discover, by observation, something of interest about each; or Keep a short and interesting log book; or Stay still alone for half an hour in the open and afterwards report on anything she has seen or heard or smelt.

4) Know the stalking positions and have played stalking games. Follow a trail of woodcraft signs for at least half a mile.

5) Do square lashing and show practical use of six of the following knots: reef, sheet-bend, clove-hitch, timber-hitch, bowline, sheepshank, fisherman's, round turn and two half hitches, and packer's knot.

6) Make a fire out of doors, using not more than two matches, and cook on it.

7) Know how to be healthy and show what she is doing to keep the Rules of Health.

8) Cover a mile at Scout's Pace and arrive in good condition.

9) Treat simple cuts, burns, shock, fainting and choking, and stop bleeding (with pad and bandage on the wound only); apply large arm sling and bandage a sprained ankle.

10) Make some useful article.

11) Strip and make a bed properly, and put her knowledge into practice at home.

12) Be able to use a public telephone, know the local bus routes, and demonstrate that she knows the Highway Code as it applies to herself.