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leslie's guiding traditions

As Guides had Patrols, so Brownies have and had Sixes. And just as Guides had Patrol Leaders and Seconds, so Brownies had Sixers and Seconds. Prior to 1968, broad braid stripes were worn on the sleeves, with two stripes of braid for Sixers, and one stripe for the Second.  

The role of the Sixer was to lead her Six, look after her recruits, and develop good teamwork amongst the group by her example.

The Second's job was to support the Sixer, and to stand in for her when she was absent. In 1968 the badge changed from being wide stripes on the sleeve to small stripes worn by the Six badge. They can be differentiated from the previous Golden Bar badges by the absence of lettering.  

In the 2000s the style of badge for Sixers and Seconds changed, from the traditional stripes, to a pin-on badge with the wording on rubber. This was later changed to an all-metal enamelled pin badge.