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leslie's guiding traditions

Before Rainbows started, there were various pilots held in different parts of the UK. Each of the pilot groups was free to choose their own 'uniform' if they wished, and a number of these opted for some sort of tabard or apron. When the results of the pilots were received, and it was decided to proceed, this was used as an inspiration for the uniform which would be worn by this new section. But - each pilot group had opted for a different name and theme, and as a result, a different colour of uniform. As a result, it was decided that Rainbows would be the new group, and there would be a choice of uniform colour. Initially, the options were red, yellow, green or blue - later orange and purple were added. This could be teamed with the green baseball cap. The Promise badge was sewn on the tabard, the top edge of the badge being positioned against the edge of the neckline hem of the tabard. This uniform was worn over clothing of the girl's choice, with no indication or limitation.

2005 Guiding Manual Amendments

But this meant that Rainbow uniform was different to that for all the other sections. The uniform changes of 1990 had meant that all the other sections had uniform tops, bottoms, hats - and all the Rainbows had was a tabard and baseball cap. They felt like the odd ones out, or overlooked. So they campaigned for a 'proper uniform' - successfully.

By 1995 they had a new uniform - a choice from the light blue polo shirt with red trim which could be worn with the red hooded jacket with light blue trim, and either the red jogging trousers with the light blue trim or the red uniform shorts with light blue trim.

In 2016 the uniform was the red jacket with light blue trim, the light blue polo shirt with red sleeves and trim, the red shorts with light blue trim or red jogging trousers with light blue trim. there was also a red baseball cap with light blue piping. By this time, tabards had not formed any part of the uniform for several years.